Bitcoin vs Gold over 13.7 years
Bitcoin:$35,085,900 | Gold:$1.94

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This chart tracks Gold vs Bitcoin performance from a $1 investment on 6 Oct 2009 when Bitcoin first had a market price.
I humbly dedicate this chart to @PeterSchiff in honour of his tireless promotion of Bitcoin to his audience of gold bugs, we are forever grateful.

In it for less than 13.7 Years? Here ya go...

BTC PriceGold PriceTodays value from $1 invested
Buy 1 yr ago $29100 $1837 Bitcoin: $0.92 | Gold: $1.10
Buy 2 yrs ago $49920 $1831 Bitcoin: $0.54 | Gold: $1.10
Buy 3 yrs ago $8801 $1702 Bitcoin: $3.05 | Gold: $1.19
Buy 4 yrs ago $6972 $1287 Bitcoin: $3.85 | Gold: $1.57
Buy 5 yrs ago $8499 $1324 Bitcoin: $3.16 | Gold: $1.53
Buy 6 yrs ago $1694 $1231 Bitcoin: $15.83 | Gold: $1.64
Buy 7 yrs ago $455.5 $1279 Bitcoin: $58.87 | Gold: $1.58
Buy 8 yrs ago $241.4 $1192 Bitcoin: $111.11 | Gold: $1.70
Buy 9 yrs ago $442.5 $1299 Bitcoin: $60.61 | Gold: $1.56
Buy 10 yrs ago $114.5 $1427 Bitcoin: $234.21 | Gold: $1.42
Buy 11 yrs ago $4.946 $1583 Bitcoin: $5,421.80 | Gold: $1.28
Buy 12 yrs ago $6.363 $1490 Bitcoin: $4,214.25 | Gold: $1.36
Buy 13 yrs ago $0.006382 $1238 Bitcoin: $4,202,235.07 | Gold: $1.63


Bitcoin Price Models
Various price models for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin NVT Ratio
Bitcoin's PE ratio. Detects when Bitcoin is overvalued or undervalued.

Bitcoin NVT Price
Bitcoin's NVT price, useful to see the price supported by organic investment.

Bitcoin NVT Signal
NVT Ratio optimised to be more responsive, useful as a long-range trading indicator.

Bitcoin VWAP Ratio
A useful signal for local and global market tops and bottoms using volume weighted average price.

Bitcoin RVT Ratio
A variation of MVRV Ratio using on-chain volume as a key metric to find the market tops and bottoms.

Bitcoin MVRV Ratio
A Bitcoin under/overvaluation indicator based on Realised Cap.

Bitcoin RVT Ratio
A volume-based variation of MVRV used to determine market tops and bottoms.

Bitcoin Mayer Multiple
Trace Mayer's ratio to measure Bitcoin price in relation to its historical movement.

Bitcoin Difficulty Ribbon
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Monetary Properties

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Track the historic inflation annual rate of Bitcoin's money supply.

Bitcoin Monetary Velocity
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Network Properties

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