Bitcoin Valuations

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Bitcoin Valuations

The market price multiplied by the coin supply. (a.k.a Network Value)

REALISED CAP by Coinmetrics.
The value of all coins in circulation at the price they last moved, in other words an approximation of the value paid for all coins in circulation.

NVT CAPS (experimental) by Willy Woo
Values the network using its monetary velocity. In essence mapping velocity back to Market Cap via NVT Ratio. NVT Caps has a tendency to compress at accumulation bottoms. This metric is experimental and subject to calibration error, if velocity deviates from historical norms this will throw out the pricing model. This metric uses volume estimates from Coinmetrics Pro under license.

This is the "forever" moving average of Market Cap. The cumulative sum of daily Market Cap values divided by the age of the market in days.

DELTA CAP (experimental) by David Puell.
The Realised Cap minus Average Cap. Useful for catching the market bottom, and also as a timing indicator for market tops and the start of the bull phase by tracking its oscillation between Realised Cap and Average Cap.

TOP CAP (experimental) by Willy Woo.
The average cap multiplied by 35. Historically has matched market tops.

The cumulative value of all coins at the price they were mined.

The cumulative value of all the fees paid on the network.